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Linear DNA Crosses the Line between Tags and Therapeutics

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Short fragments of linear DNA are used for molecular tagging in a variety of industries, from textiles to pharmaceuticals, to provide product authentication and ingredient traceability. Applied DNA Sciences is now translating its expertise in the molecular tagging industry to the biopharma industry. Its subsidiary, LineaRx, is manufacturing large, gene-sized fragments of linear DNA for companies researching or developing gene-based therapies or diagnostics, as well as for its own gene therapy program. This parallel path to growth addresses both the development and distribution sides of the biopharma industry, which bodes well for overall organizational success.

The parent company’s short fragments and the subsidiary’s long fragments both involve the large-scale production of specific DNA sequences using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Alongside this commonality, there is this significant difference: The short fragments are nonfunctional, whereas the long fragments are functional (and suitable for therapeutic applications).

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