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One Platform Many Biotherapeutic Applications

mRNA Manufacturing

  • Ideal template for mRNA production via IVT
  • Enzymatic production results in a homogeneous product
  • Potential to use less DNA to achieve equivalent mRNA yield
  • Ability to produce DNA as long as 20kb
  • Reduces manufacturing complexities

Cellular and Gene Therapy

  • Ideal form of DNA for use as a component in the manufacturing of many therapies, including:
    • Adoptive cell therapies
    • Viral vector manufacturing
    • CRISPR knock-in sequences
  • Eliminates inclusion of unwanted plasmid DNA sequences into therapies

DNA Vaccines

  • Provokes a strong humoral and cellular immune response at lower total DNA amounts than plasmid DNA
  • Successful animal trials for both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines
  • Compatible with DNA delivery technologies such as lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and electro-gene transfer

Next Gen Platform

While cutting-edge therapies continue to advance at breakneck speed, the manufacturing of DNA upon which they are reliant has remained largely unchanged in the past 30 years. linDNA, a new form of DNA for biotherapeutic applications, looks to upend current DNA manufacturing by harnessing the power of simple and scalable cell-free enzymatic DNA production. Cutting-edge therapies require cutting-edge DNA.

Perform Analytical Characterizationof PCR AmpliconsSTEP 4Purify PCR AmpliconsSTEP 3 to Customer Provide LinearDNASTEP 5Perform High-FidelityLarge-Scale PCRSTEP 2Obtain DNA Target Sequenceand Design PCR Primers STEP 1The LinearDNA™Platform

Speed of Manufacturing

linDNA’s cell-free enzymatic manufacturing platform enables multi-gram DNA production in weeks rather than months. Unlike plasmid-based DNA manufacturing, little optimization is needed to produce new DNA constructs.

linDNA (milligram scale)linDNA (gram scale)Plasmid DNA050100Days150200250


Unlike pDNA, linDNA comprises 100% of the desired DNA sequence. Since linDNA is enzymatically produced, there is no need for a DNA backbone or inclusion of other unwanted DNA sequences.


Enzymatic manufacturing provides unparalleled flexibility in DNA production, with pDNA or a de novo DNA sequence usable as a template. linDNA is also easily chemically modified during manufacturing.


linDNA’s enzymatic manufacturing platform is capable of producing DNA quantities necessary to support a nucleic acid-based therapy across its entire product lifecycle. linDNA is currently available from the µg to g scale. With its compact benchtop manufacturing equipment, linDNA production can rapidly scale to meet virtually any demand.