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Biotherapeutic Applications

Modern medicine is based on DNA, with most cutting-edge therapies utilizing DNA in their manufacture or as a direct therapeutic agent. linDNA is a new kind of DNA for biotherapeutic applications that can be produced at unparalleled speed, purity and scalability. linDNA is available from the µg to g scale.  

mRNA Production

linDNA is a blunt-ended DNA construct that is an ideal template for mRNA production via in vitro transcription (IVT). Unlike plasmid DNA, linDNA contains no unwanted DNA sequences and is manufactured via a rapid and scalable cell-free enzymatic manufacturing platform. A reduced amount of linDNA as compared to plasmid DNA is potentially required to produce equivalent RNA yields. 

linDNA can be produced from an existing plasmid template or a DNA sequence.

DNA Vaccines

linDNA produces a robust humoral (antibody) and cellular immune response as a DNA vaccine, showing equivalent efficacy to plasmid DNA with a lower dose. linDNA is compatible with all industry standard DNA delivery technologies, including LNPs. linDNA contains only the desired DNA sequences and unlike plasmid DNA does not contain antibodies resistance and origin of replication sequences.

Cell and Gene Therapy

linDNA can be used a high purity sequence verified dsDNA or a ssDNA reagent for cell and gene therapy applications such as:

  • Homology directed repair (HDR) knock-in template sequences
  • HDR homology arms
  • Viral vector manufacturing (e.g., AAV, lentivirus) for in vivo or ex vivo gene therapy

Veterinary Medicine    

linDNA is an ideal form of DNA to empower the rapidly growing market of nucleic acid-based therapies for veterinary medicine. linDNA has been proven to be as effective as pDNA in therapeutic and prophylactic DNA vaccines for companion animals and is well suited as a rapidly adaptable vaccine against zoonotic disease.