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Linear DNA amplicons as a novel cancer vaccine strategy

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Antonella ConfortiErika SalvatoriLucia LioneMirco CompagnoneEleonora PintoClay ShorrockJames A. HaywardYuhua SunBen Minghwa LiangFabio PalomboBrian Viscount & Luigi Aurisicchio 

Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research volume 41, Article number: 195 (2022) Cite this article



DNA-based vaccines represent a simple, safe and promising strategy for harnessing the immune system to fight infectious diseases as well as various forms of cancer and thus are considered an important tool in the cancer immunotherapy toolbox. Nonetheless, the manufacture of plasmid DNA vaccines has several drawbacks, including long lead times and the need to remove impurities from bacterial cultures. Here we report the development of polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-produced amplicon expression vectors as DNA vaccines and their in vivo application to elicit antigen-specific immune responses in animal cancer models.


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