Overcoming the DNA Bottleneck

A simple cell-free enzymatic platform for large-scale DNA manufacturing

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Validate The Benefits of LinearDNA as IVT Template with Our Evaluation Kit

Each template is GFP encoded for ease of validation of expression in vitro.

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LinearDNA evaluation kit IVT Template IVT-KIT-001
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DNA Made Simple

DNA is not only the foundation of life. It’s also the foundation of modern medicine.

At LineaRx, an Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: APDN) company, we have a single purpose – to produce therapeutic DNA faster, of higher purity, and with greater scalability than current methods.

Therapeutic DNA is currently manufactured primarily via plasmids (pDNA), a complex biological method that has remained mostly unchanged for almost 40 years.

Our LinearDNA™ platform is a novel, enzymatic DNA manufacturing approach capable of producing high-quality DNA for nucleic acid-based therapies, including mRNA, Cellular and Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccines. We have named the resultant therapeutic DNA ‘LinearDNA’ or ‘linDNA’.

Our enzymatic approach and deep expertise in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) can dramatically accelerate innovation in nucleic acid-based therapies across a product lifecycle, from research and development to the clinic and commercial manufacturing.

The next generation of therapies require a next generation supply of DNA.

Enabling Nucleic Acid-Based Therapies

Our enzymatic LinearDNA platform enables us to make DNA at the Speed, Purity, Flexibility, and Scalability to support the rapid growth of nucleic acid-based therapies:

  • Speed: days, not weeks or months
  • Purity: 100% of produced DNA is comprised of the target therapeutic DNA sequence
  • Flexibility: pDNA or a synthesis DNA template can be used
  • Scalability: linDNA is available from the µg to g scale
Speed of Manufacturing Graphic

linDNA offers key advantages compared to pDNA:

Plasmid DNA
Risk of Antibiotic Resistance Gene Transfer
Endotoxin Risk
Cellular Purification Necessary
Know/Fixed Yield
Unwanted DNA in Final Product
Manufacturing Timeframe
DNA Construct Optimization via Primer Modification
Able to Produce Long Homogenous Poly-A Tails (necessary for mRNA templates)
Percentage of Produced DNA Comprised of Target Therapeutic DNA Sequence
≈ 40%

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