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LinearDNA IVT Template Evaluation Kit

LinearDNA™ IVT Template Evaluation Kit

Catalog Number: IVT-KIT-001…….US$999.00

Validate The Benefits of LinearDNA as IVT Template

Non-PCR Enzymatically Produced DNA
Usable for IVT Without Additional Modification Steps
Simple Chemical Modifications Can be Made to DNA
Completely pDNA-Free Workflow
Excels at Complex DNA Sequences (poly(T), ITRs)
Template Flexibility (pDNA, amplicons, de novo DNA constructs)
Endotoxin Risk Completely Eliminated

Each kit Includes three 25 μg IVT templates:

  • Circular Plasmid IVT template
  • linDNA dsDNA IVT template without poly(T)
  • linDNA dsDNA IVT template with 120bp poly(T)

template samples are suspended in water and lyophilized

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Each template is GFP encoded for ease of validation of expression in vitro.
RNA yield is greater with linDNA IVT template than for Linearized Plasmid IVT template. Yield was obtained using NEB IVT kits.
RNA Produced from linDNA dsDNA IVT template with 120bp poly(T) resulted in greater GFP expression per μg of mRNA.